Issues for the 2017 Election


When S. Africa held it’s first free and fair election, there were long lines at the polls, and  voters waited many hours to cast their votes. A reporter asked an old woman if the long wait was problem for her. She replied, “I’ve been waiting all my life to do this. A few more hours is nothing.” Americans typically don’t have the same reverence for voting, but they should. If you are unhappy with something the Congress or the State legislature is doing, don’t blame those in the hallowed halls. Blame the voters. So the first issue is to vote. It’s a privilege that others die for.

Be Informed

Thomas Jefferson said, “An informed electorate is a prerequisite for Democracy.”  So, the second issue is to be informed. This site is dedicated to bringing you information, but look at other sources also. Read the Washington Post or the NY Times or The Atlantic. Listen to National Public Radio. These are reliable sources for factual information.

Current Issues

For many voters today, there are three main issues: HEALTHCARE, EDUCATIONand THE ECONOMYHere, you will find essays on each of these subjects. Use this material to form your own opinion. Discuss these issues with your neighbors. Demand to know where candidates stand on issues important to you before you vote. For current discussions, see CURRENT BLOGS