Six years ago, KS voters elected a Republican governor and a Republican legislature on a platform of austerity and tax cuts. Republican state senator Dinah Sykes outlines what hapened in the 20 October Washington Post. As promised, they eliminated 3,000 state employee positions, froze salaries, delayed payments to the state employee retirement system, used up savings accounts, canceled road projects, and issued $2 Billion in new bonds to pay for obligatory expenses that taxes would have paid for. Here’s what happened: education was neglected, road maintenance and repair didn’t happen, the state’s credit rating fell–making borrowing more expensive, and the local economy tanked. Analysis of the current Republican proposal for tax cuts concluded that “effects appear to be limited in size and possibly negtive.” That’s what KS found. State GDP growth fell behind US GDP growth. Employment grew 5.0 % as opposed to the US rate of 9.1 %. Most of the economic benefits went to the most wealthy residents. Eventually, state legislators recognized their mistake and raised taxes (over the governor’s veto). Most of the politicians who voted for the tax cuts are now doing something else for a living. Still, Republicans tout tax cuts and trickle down economics. And still, voters continue to elect them. Don’t confuse me with facts.

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Retired: physician, civil service employee, consultant.

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