Still a BAD idea

The current Republican effort (Graham-Cassidy bill) to repeal the ACA is not really different from previous efforts. The New Yorker says Republicans are “Looking to ram through the Graham-Cassidy bill before the American pubic realizes how awful it is.” Time for a whistle-blower. What will this bill do? First, it will roll back the expansion of Medicaid, thus depriving about 14 million Americans of their access to healthcare. Then it would also cut the existing expansion of Medicaid and convert it to a grant program, but with much less money. This will target the lower levels of society, including children in the CHIP program.
The proposed legislation would also:
1. Eliminate the subsidies for purchasing health insurance,
2. Abolish employer and individual mandates (actuarial suicide),
3. Allow insurers to charge more for those with pre-existiing conditions.

The proposed block grants are not nearly enough to balance the lost revenue for states. Cassidy’s own state of LA stands to lose $3.2 billion if the bill passes. For this reason, Governors generally hate it.
The public hates it, because many of them will lose their health insurance.
The AMA an AARP have also come out against it.

Makes you wonder why Republicans still want to do this. The supposed reason is to siphon off money to give as tax breaks to the wealthy.

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